Hollywood makes it seem like Mr. or Ms. Right is right around the corner, just waiting to be found. But finding the ideal partner is not as easy as pie-and it’s not necessarily as glamorous, either. A simple blind date can turn into so much more and an ideal person might not appeal to you at all. Sometimes one just has to wait, the hard way-though tips and tricks don’t hurt and can make your love life much more exciting and enjoyable, and you can be one inch closer to finding the right person for you.

The most important thing to remember is that being single is not a curse, and it shouldn’t put you down. Many people who are committed envy those who are not, and vice versa, because it always seems that the grass is greener on the other side. Being a reassured, self-confident person is very important in finding a good partner, as well as having a successful relationship. Hence, don’t let your single status put you down and without being snobbish, be confident. Control and confidence are attractive and you will immediately mesmerize your date if you demonstrate them.

Another important thing to remember is: be yourself. This is definitely overdone and may seem like a cliche, but when done in moderation, it is the best approach. After all, if you want a steady and deep relationship,you want someone to know the real you and not a facade. Also, whenever your presences caught, which it inevitably will be, it will make you look and feel like a fool. So don’t be afraid to flaunt yourself! At the same time, there may be some flaws in a person’s personality which drive people away, such as bad breath, inappropriate choice of jokes, and so on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be destructive to a date, but they can deter blind dates, because such bad habits overshadow any qualities a person has.

If you’re wondering whether you have such anomalies, you should ask a close, honest friend. After some probing, you should be able to get it out of them. You must be prepared for criticism though, and you should be ready to take it constructively. Work on the areas that can be improved.

As a last word, keep your heart open for opportunities and dates. Take it slow and savor every minute of it-any next person you meet could be your other half.