Making a great first impression with women goes beyond mere appearance. While appearance does play a vital role in how you are perceived, there are other important factors that contribute to whether or not you are “liked.”

Here are the top three tips to ensure you get into someone’s good graces:

1.    Look presentable

2.    Have good manners

3.    Be personable

Look Presentable

There is an old saying that “the clothes make the man,” which has been and will continue to be true. This is not to say that personality isn’t equally as important, because it is. However, our clothing makes statements about us without a word, regardless of our intentions. Therefore, decide what is meaningful to you and then dress accordingly.  Beware of your limitations; we all know that what looks good on one man does not look good on another. Be honest with yourself. Take a good look in the mirror and decide what you like and where you can improve yourself.  Remember, when you feel good about yourself and your image, others will, too. 

Have good manners

Manners aren’t just about how you treat someone, but they also reveal how you interact with others. In other words, body language and how you communicate are the second part of making a good impression.When it comes to making a great first impression with women, it is especially important for a man to be confident. A handshake – a firm one, not a limp, dead fish one – is a great way to show confidence. Next, do not overstep the invisible line of “personal space.” Invading someone’s personal space upon initial meeting is a great way to get put into the creep zone. This might seem like obvious advice, but just BE NORMAL.  

Maintain good eye contact. Again, this applies to the initial greeting (handshake, introduction) AND to conversation. Be attentive. Women pick up very quickly when a man isn’t confident or when he is squirrely. Bad eye contact equates to submission or worse, distrust – both of which are UNATTRACTIVE traits to women.

SMILE. A smile is worth its weight in gold when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. Have a friendly disposition. BE SINCERE and do it with confidence. In other words, OWN WHAT YOU SAY.

Be personable

Simply remembering someone’s name upon initial introduction is a great way to get into his or her good graces. In fact, being personable is very similar to being charming.  Make someone feel important. Listen to what they are saying. Remember: people LOVE to talk about themselves – especially women. Therefore, ask the right questions and show genuine interest, and you will be regarded by default.  Be WITTY. You don’t have to be a comedian but you don’t want to be a lame-o either. Learn to think on your feet. Having something clever or witty to say shows personality. Just remember: DON’T BE ANNOYING. Ask questions that are relevant and not intrusive. Don’t laugh at your own jokes. It shows nervousness and may come across as awkward.

Maintain conversation. You need not be an expert on everything, but have some “back pocket knowledge” on many different subjects. That is, keep up on current events and be observant. Overall, learn to tell a story. Being able to tell a story creatively, or in a way that holds the listeners attention is a skill that is highly regarded.

All in all, making a great first impression is easy when you look the part AND act the part. Look great, be confident and have some social graces and the rest will fall into place.

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