If the change of seasons has left you a little blue, remember, that happiness is a decision, not a fact. That said, there is no reason to feel down if you are single and looking with little to no luck. The trick is to spice things up and step outside of your comfort zone. Here are 3 ways how:
1) Take Advantage of Halloween: Halloween is a great time for singles. It allows people to act out of character for a night and meet new people! Get creative with a costume idea and hit some parties or bars. Be sure to strike up conversation with anyone. As a dating coach, the number one excuse. We hear from clients about why they don’t approach is because they “won’t know what to say”. Thankfully, that excuse is invalid on Halloween because you will never be at a loss for an opener with all of the costumes going on! Not to mention, if you’re in costume too, people will have no idea who you are under that disguise. Quick tip: be a bad guesser about obvious costumes. It’s always more fun when you guess obvious costume wrong. And Halloween is on a Friday this year so more than likely, people will celebrate Thursday through Saturday – so pick a night to participate!

2) Try dating coaching: If you’re looking to meet someone new, it is best to cast a wide net. That said, try another avenue – dating coaching! If you’re like most people, I’m sure you’ve tried meeting people at bars, online dating, and maybe even speed dating. And while online dating is an easy way to get a quick (and many times meaningless) date, more often than not, there is no second date. So if you want to stop wasting time on first dates that don’t turn into a second, you should consider coaching to help build confidence, and stray away any dating behaviors that have been hurting your chances.

3) Break your routine: If you hang out at the same bars with the same friends week after week, it’s time to switch things up! After all, it’s fall and there are plenty of fall activities going on (Tip: WOMEN ARE ANYWHERE THERE IS SOMETHING PUMPKIN.) Go to a beer garden for Oktoberfest, organize a pub crawl, play frisbee in the park, check out a different borough, go to a cider mill for fresh doughnuts and apple cider. Heck, if you normally walk down Park Avenue to get to work, take Lexington instead. The name of the game is change, so step out of your comfort zone and make small changes.

Homework: Call us and come in for a dating consultation! If you end up signing up and mention this email you’ll get a special discount offer! Also, pick a day next week to do some kind of fall activity by yourself or with a friend. The key is to talk to at least 3 (new) people in the process. Can We get a “Challenge: Accepted”?!

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