As the rate of divorce has been growing exponentially during the last decades, many people’s romantic life has acquired yet another step. After single and looking, dating or involved in a serious relationship, and married, here comes “divorced and dating”. Is dating for divorced people different? Some will say it is, arguing many things have changed and that after a certain age, everybody comes with one or more pieces of luggage, while others will tell you that dating is just dating, no matter when you do it. So, what is the situation in fact? Here are some truths about dating after the divorce.

Courtship follows the same rules

This sounds encouraging, right? Well, it is also true. From this point of view, dating for divorced people is no different from those singles who have never been married. Women want to be courted, swept off their feet with small romantic gestures. They expect a guy’s full attention and admiration. Men are still the hunters. Nothing changed here.

You have your piece of luggage, but you’re not the only one

Unless you are looking for someone a lot younger than you, keep in mind that each partner brings their share of luggage to the table. Maybe the woman you are dating has never been married, but this does not mean that she has no romantic past. It can be that the guy you met last week has no kids, but he dated at least a few other women in the past. There are no clean slates after a certain age, and that’s perfectly fine.

You don’t have to mingle with the kids in single bars and night clubs

There are special places targeted at divorced singles dating again, and there are divorced dating sites. You don’t have to feel a century old going to regular singles clubs or clubs attended by the younger generation. Just make a simple online research and you will find plenty of suitable places where you can meet people your age, who share common interests and views on life. Create an online profile on one of the divorced dating sites and you can start communicated with like-minded single women or men.

It’s all right to wait for a while

If you have just got out of a nasty divorce, and you don’t feel ready for dating, you should know it is all right to wait. Not forever, though! Take your time, process what you have just been through, and remember to take it slow!

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